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Organic Fiber Supplements

Soluble Fiber Supplements designed for specific needs

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Agave Nectar with Fiber

40% sweeter than sugar with 1/2 the calories

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Organic 0 cal Sweetener

100% Organic; 100% Calorie free... what could be better?

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Zero Calorie Organic Sweetener

Organic Zero Calorie Sweetener with Fiber & Probiotics

Vivente zero calorie organic sweetener with fiber and probiotics is a blend...

Organic Strawberry Functional Jam

Organic Strawberry Functional Jam

Product Description Vivente Fruit Jams are all naturally made without any artificial...

Functional Agave Nectar

Amber Organic Agave Nectar

  Vivente Amber Organic Agave Nectar has a subtle taste of caramel...